Our mission is to create joyful memories with our community, and we want to bring joy to your party as well! 2d restaurant offers an immersive cartooning dining environment like nowhere else with Asian inspired menu from mochi donut to sliders


The 2d private party experience has a variable hourly rate with two hour booking minimum.

Guest could add different experience packages to enhance their 2d experience! 

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Make your own donut experience

Make your greatest creative ideas come true and design

your very own Donuts and bring home the joy of Mochi Donuts! (Up to six donuts per guest)

Choose two icings 

| Glaze | Strawberry | Pineapple | Matcha | Cotton Candy | Raspberry | Passion fruit | Vanilla | Pistachio | Blueberry |

Choose five toppings

| Colored sprinkle | Chocolate Sprinkle | Confetti Sprinkle | Coco Puffs | Fruit pebbles | Marshmallow | Coco pebble | M&M | Oreo Crumbs | Gram cracker crumbs | Coconut flakes  |

Choose Two color for pipe icing

| Red | Yellow | White | Blue | Green | Black | Purple | Pink | Orange |

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Bottomless seltzer fizz bar

Make to order fresh fruit seltzer bar. Choose from seven different fresh fruit & herbs! From Strawberry Berry to Pineapple Mojito seltzers!


Make your Fizz special by BYOB! 

 ($10 per bottle cork fee and ID check required)

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Slider and Salad Bar 

Choose from many slider options from 2d roast beef , Japanese bbq tofu, Wasabi Turkey delight and more to satisfy your hunger and make your party special!


Party with us!


design your donuts