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2d restaurant is one of the newest and the hottest concept of 2022 starting here in Chicago! We believe work is more than just a paycheck. We believe we are here to make a difference in our community.


The 2d mission is to “Create instants of joyful memories for our community which includes, our team members, customers and passersby”. 


We want to build a work environment that is based on serving and caring.


The 2d story

We don’t have front of the house or back of the house.

We believe in ONE HOUSE.


The 2d career starts with our 2d guest service team which is designed for new team member to learn our culture and our operation. The 2d guest service team has different job functions from checkout, bussing, food & beverage pickup, and dishwashing to help our new team member learn the 2d culture.


Upon completing the guest service team training, the team member will join the 2d guest experience team which he/she will learn different stations from donut, fried chicken, beverage, and overnight prep.


At any shift in the 2d restaurant, all our team members will work an assigned team and work toward the common goal of creating instants of joyful memories to our community! We are all here for each other and make our each other’s day better!



We know that work and life are not always smooth sailing, and if we are all willing to go the extra mile to take care of our community. We could bring many joyful memories to each other.​

The 2d Team Visions


  • We hold ourselves to the high standards that we would be proud at our results.

  • We are committed to maintain an exceptionally sanitary and clean environment that we would be proud showcasing our store to our friends and family.

  • We are committed to learn our customer’s stories and needs, and we will exceed their expectations. 

  • We are committed to prepare our food and beverage attentively with purposes, just like we are preparing for our friend and family.

  • We are committed to build a professional working environment that shares authenticity, honesty and pride while grows in house talents and strives for completing each other’s career goals.

  • We will learn and execute the 2d SOP (standard operation procedures) and share best practices to constantly improve quality.

  • We will leave negativity and pessimism at the door and communicate with our community with positive intents.

  • We are committed to train, teach, coach, cheer our team members and held each other accountable for excellent training like we are training ourselves and our loved ones.

2D Guest Service TEAM

The 2d guest service team is perfect for team member who is new to the service industry. The service team brings joyful memories to our community by interacting and serving our guests from different positions from bussing, checkouts, food and beverage pickup to assisting with dishwashing.

You will learn the foundation of providing great service to our guest and creating instants of joyful memories to the community the 2d way!


If you love people, enjoy a team first enlivenment and thrive in a fast pace working environment. You are a perfect fit with our community!

No working experience is required

2D Guest Experience - Food & BEVERAGE TEAM

The 2d guest experience team bring joyful memories to our guest by preparing our guests' food and beverage attentively with purposes, just like preparing a meal for our friend and family.

You will learn and make many varieties of Asian food and beverages and be cross-trained in many positions in the 2d restaurant. 

If you enjoy culinary art and a fast pace working environment while keeping your station clean. We need you to join our community! 

Prior barista / drink making experience is a plus but not a requirement.


The 2d overnight prep team brings joyful memories to our community by prepping our teams for success!


This position will work overnight while learn and perform many preps from Asian style fried chicken to Donut making.

The position is perfect for the super morning person (or super late night person!) with basic culinary knowledge or passion to learn more about commercial kitchen.

No experience is needed, and a positive attitude big plus!


The 2d leadership sets the foundation for our team members to create joyful memories with our guests.

The leadership team will 

  • Lead and coach the team on the 2d mission and vision 

  • Lead talent acquisition and hiring, grow and coach the team members

  • Lead the sanitary code and standard for restaurant, which include food handling and the overall cleanliness of the entire restaurant.

  • Lead the completion of daily check list and communication logs

  • Manage team member availability and schedule.



If you love people and thrive in a team first environment, we are the perfect choice for you!

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