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We invite you to step into an immersive and interactive 2 Dimensional comic artopia


Enjoy Asian inspired chicken sandwiches, mochi donuts and our handcrafted beverages in our 2d world 


Pon-de-ring style donuts aka mochi donuts.


How to describe the pondering donut texture?

It is like"Eclair meets Mochi". Light, airy, fluffy and slightly chewy


Is Pon de ring the same as mochi donut?

They are cousins, with different characteristics.

Pon De Ring is airier and fluffier while Mochi donuts are denser and chewy.


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We love fried chicken here in 2d. Each order of chicken sandwich is made with never-frozen fresh Hala chicken thigh, hand trimmed then marinaded in our Asian inspired buttermilk based marination for at least 24 hours before deep-fried them into perfection.


We incorporate the best Asian ingredients and flavors from Taiwan, Japan to Korea to bring you the best Asia has to offer!


2D Restaurant is the creation of wife-and-husband team Vanessa Thanh Vu (Interior Designer) and Kevin Yu (Chef).


In partnership with Chicago artist Mia Larson, the couple spent about two years attending to every detail of the 1,600 square-foot space, ultimately crafting an immaculate 22-seat fantasy world that channels the Netflix hit Emily in Paris, complete with a balcony view of the Eiffel Tower, a 1920s-style en-suite hotel bathroom complete with a bubble-filled clawfoot tub, and a cozy library stocked with tall bookshelves around a lit fireplace.


When warm weather arrives, they’ll unveil a 300-square-foot patio that’s also outfitted with Larson’s intricate mural work.


From 2d's customers


"it's insta-heaven !"

-WGN Around town Host - Anna Belaval-


"Just living Take on Me childhood video"



"did not disappointed, all hand-drawn"




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