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2d restaurant is the first hand drawn two-dimensional Asian eatery designed winning the Best of Chicago 2022 and created by award-winning designer Vanessa Thanh Vu. The entire dining room was hand-drawn giving you the impression of walking into a comic book providing a unique and memorable dining and photo experience


The 2d good and beverage menu is crafted by award-winning chef Kevin Yu serving a variety of the trendy gourmet Asian treats from Japanese mochi donuts, Vietnamese coffee, Taiwanese fried chicken sandwiches, Taiwanese boba tea and handcrafted beverages. 2d was ranked one of the top 20 donut shops since opening

The Mochi Donuts at 2d are like no other, thanks to Chef Kevin's secret recipe. These heavenly pastries are both chewy and fluffy, with a delightful airiness that will leave you coming back for more with 60% less fat and gluten compares to cake donuts

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We love Taiwanese fried chicken here in 2d. Each order of chicken sandwich is made with never-frozen fresh Hala chicken thigh, hand trimmed then marinaded in our secret five spice buttermilk based marination for at least 24 hours before deep-fried them into perfection.

We incorporate the best Asian ingredients and flavors from Taiwan, Japan to Korea to bring you the best Asia has to offer!


2D Restaurant is the creation of wife-and-husband team Vanessa Thanh Vu (Interior Designer) and Kevin Yu (Chef).


The couple spent over two years attending to every detail of the 1,600 square-foot space, ultimately crafting an immaculate 22-seat Parisan fantasy world that with a complete with a balcony view of the Eiffel Tower, a 1920s-style en-suite hotel bathroom complete with a bubble-filled clawfoot tub, and a cozy library stocked with tall bookshelves around a lit fireplace.


From 2d's customers

"it's insta-heaven !"

-WGN Around town Host - Anna Belaval-

"Just living Take on Me childhood video"


"did not disappointed, all hand-drawn"



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