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The Chef Kyu's Grill Rooster Sandwich
K 老 大 的 台 客 照 燒 腿 堡

Growing up in Taiwan, grilled chicken was a staple of my summers, and now that I live in Chicago, I want to bring my childhood memories to life with my own spin on the classic Taiwanese grilled chicken sandwich. Using traditional Taiwanese spices and the freshest ingredients, I've perfected my recipe to create an authentic taste that I hope will help others create their own fond memories.

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Fun Facts about 2d Grill Rooster Sandwich
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The 2d Grill Chicken Sandwich is a delicious blend of Taiwanese and American flavors. Marinated in 2d's signature five spice buttermilk marinade, the sandwich features fresh chicken thigh with a sweet and savory taste from a blend of fennel, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, star anise, and cloves.


An orange lime teriyaki glaze adds a tangy flavor, inspired by traditional Japanese teriyaki. It's a healthier option made with fresh ingredients and prepared with care. With its unique blend of culinary techniques and flavors, it's a masterpiece that will leave you wanting more.

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