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Level Up Your Dessert Menu with 2d Mochi Donuts
Wholesale Options Available!

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Take your dessert game to the next level with 2d Restaurant's unforgettable mochi donuts, now available wholesale!


Why Choose 2d Mochi Donuts?

  • Freshness on Demand: We craft our signature mochi donuts fresh daily in our shop. But that doesn't mean you have to worry about short shelf life. These beauties are freezer-safe for up to 140 days, ensuring you always have a delicious treat on hand.

  • Quick & Easy Prep: No need for complicated thawing procedures. Our donut base defrosts in just 45 minutes at room temperature. Need them faster? Our donuts defrost in under 1 minutes using a convection oven.

  • Variety that Sells: We offer a delectable selection of 12 classic flavors, including matcha, chocolate, and strawberry, with new seasonal flavors every quarter . This ensures you have the perfect option to complement any menu, from cafés and hotels to restaurants.

  • Profitable Potential: 2d mochi donuts are a photogenic and unique Japanese dessert that will surely increase your check average. Customers will love the taste and presentation, and you'll love the ease of storage and preparation.

  • Customizable Options: Beyond our classic flavors, we offer the ability to create custom donut designs! With over 300 unique creations for restaurants, hotels, and other businesses, we can help you design the perfect donut to match your brand or theme. (Contact us for details)

Benefits for Small Businesses:

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Effortless Serving

Our donuts are pre-made and require minimal prep, freeing up valuable kitchen time.


Increased Profitability

Appealing to a wide audience, these donuts are a surefire way to boost sales.


Reduced Waste

The extended freezer life minimizes spoilage and wasted product.

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Trendy Appeal

2d mochi donuts tap into the current craze for unique and photogenic desserts, giving your business a trendy edge and attracting new customers.

Our Clients

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