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King of Monsters: Godzilla Special

Chicago is under attack! IT'S GODZILLA!
Mr. Godzilla is turning 70 years old! To pay tribune to our childhood hero, we've taken inspiration from the legendary Japanese Godzilla films to create a limited-time Godzilla menu filled with unique Asian-inspired dishes from our Mochi donuts to No-Way Chicken Sandwiches!

The Creation of the Godzilla Wall

The 2d restaurant founder, Vanessa Vu, isn't afraid to push the boundaries of art and dining at 2d restaurant. Take the Godzilla mural for example. Vanessa meticulously studied the space to create the illusion of the King of the Monsters bursting through the wall, his scale purposefully magnified to hint at his power. The perspective used makes you feel the imminent clash with King Kong, transforming the mural from decoration into an immersive experience that sets the stage for your 2d adventure.

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