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Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month with a Delicious Mochi Donut Adventure!

Embark on a sweet journey through Asia with our unique mochi donuts!


Vanessa grow up in Hanoi, Vietname

She loves Vietnamese coffee for its taste and takes pride in its cultural presence in the US.


Kevin grow up in Taipei, Taiwan

Brown sugar, a key ingredient in Taiwan, holds sentimental value for Kevin, who grew up loving it.

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Together, we joined hands to bring to life the AAPI Month Mochi Donuts, a delicious tribute not only to our rich Asian heritage but also to our deep-seated passion for Asian cuisine. Through these delectable treats, we aim to spread awareness and appreciation for Asian flavors while fostering a sense of unity and belonging within our community


Fun Facts about 2d Mochi Donuts

2d restaurant prioritizes sustainability by using fresh, Chicago-made tofu. This local hero not only reduces their carbon footprint but also supports the city's vibrant food scene. Plus, the tofu itself is made with soy beans sourced from nearby farms, ensuring freshness and minimizing environmental impact.

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