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2d restaurant x Earth

Sustaining Our Earth, One Bite at a Time

We are on a mission is to bring joy to our community today while preserving our planet for tomorrow.


Introducing our latest initiative, the "2d restaurant x Earth" campaign, where we're implementing a series of measures to reduce waste and champion sustainability—all while keeping those delicious flavors intact

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Preservation is a choice

We want a better tomorrow for our loved ones 

We believe we must act now to preserve a better tomorrow

We believe preservation is a choice, and we all should have the option to help preserve our Earth

Bye - Bye Plastic Challenge

Starting 10/01/23, we're committed to eliminate 99% of single-use plastics in our shop over the next 180 days.

From straws to packaging, we're making sustainable choices for a cleaner planet.

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Plant-Based Paradise

Plant-based food often produces less green house emission and use less resource on earth.


We will introduce varieties of plant-based menu items thru out the year, including the first-ever plant-based mochi donut and Plant-based Vietnamese Càphê

(Bring Your Own Container)

Join us in reducing waste! Show your commitment to sustainability by bringing your own reusable container, and enjoy exclusive discounts on your meal.

Receive 25% off on any food and beverage items when you bring your own container (mugs, cups, togo container)

BYOC Discounts

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Change is not diffcult

Embracing change can be tough, even uncomfortable.


However, it's absolutely crucial to protect our Earth for future generations.


Come join us in this endeavor, so our children can enjoy the Earth just as we have

Featured on Screen:
Our Food Recognized by Multiple Media Outlets

We are honored to have received recognition from numerous esteemed media outlets for our commitment to delivering the finest Asian Chicken sandwich to our guests. Our unwavering dedication to crafting the best sandwich in the world will remain our top priority

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Enjoy Asian gourmets in
a hand draw comic world

2d restaurant is first hand drawn two-dimensional eatery in the U.S  designed and created by award-winning designer Vanessa Thanh Vu, the entire dining room was hand-drawn giving you the impression of walking into a comic book proving a unique and memorable dining and photo experience.


The 2d restaurant menu was crafted by two time Best of Chicago winning chef Kevin Yu serving a variety of Asian gourmets from Taiwanese fried chicken sandwich, Japanese mochi donuts, Filipino Ube to Vietnamese coffee.


2d restaurant has been named Best of Chicago 2022, top 20 donuts in Chicago and recognized by ABC, NBC, Eater Chicago, A&E, Chicago Tribune, Fox32, Chicago Magazine, Timeout Chicago as one of the top and hottest restaurant in Chicago.

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