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Can you spot the 10 differences between two pictures? If you can, you could win an incredible prize: free mochi donuts for a year - one dozen per month through June 2024!!

Search for the subtle variations, snap a photo, and upload your findings here! Take a shot at indulging in delicious mochi donuts every month, completely on us.

Start the hunt for differences and savor the taste of victory! We will draw one luck winner on May, 22, 2023!

Good luck! 🕵️‍♀️🏆🍩


Special Gift for the ACEN Fans

Simply present your 2023 ticket stub & receive a complimentary mochi donut with the purchase of any of our delicious Taiwanese chicken sandwiches

Featured on Screen:
Our Food Recognized by Multiple Media Outlets

We are honored to have received recognition from numerous esteemed media outlets for our commitment to delivering the finest Asian Chicken sandwich to our guests. Our unwavering dedication to crafting the best sandwich in the world will remain our top priority

DSC_1879 destaurated.jpg

Enjoy Asian gourmets in
a hand draw comic world

2d restaurant is first hand drawn two-dimensional eatery in the U.S  designed and created by award-winning designer Vanessa Thanh Vu, the entire dining room was hand-drawn giving you the impression of walking into a comic book proving a unique and memorable dining and photo experience.


The 2d restaurant menu was crafted by two time Best of Chicago winning chef Kevin Yu serving a variety of Asian gourmets from Taiwanese fried chicken sandwich, Japanese mochi donuts, Filipino Ube to Vietnamese coffee.


2d restaurant has been named Best of Chicago 2022, top 20 donuts in Chicago and recognized by ABC, NBC, Eater Chicago, A&E, Chicago Tribune, Fox32, Chicago Magazine, Timeout Chicago as one of the top and hottest restaurant in Chicago.

DSC_1879 destaurated.jpg
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