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2d restaurant
Lunar New Year Celebration


Vanessa and Kevin were born in Vietnam and Taiwan and spent their entire childhood in Asia before moving to the States. Now, They now aspire to reminisce about their cherished memories from Asia with our patrons


88 Red Envelope Giveaway Event (02/10)

Celebrate Lunar New Year with us at 2d restaurant!


Embracing the tradition of giving red envelopes, symbolizing good luck and prosperity, we are joyfully sharing the tradition with you.


On 02/10 (Lunar New Year Day), visit either of our locations to receive one of the 88 red envelopes we're giving away. It's our way of spreading the joy of Lunar New Year and wishing everyone a healthy and joyful 2024. Join us in this festive occasion! 🧧🎉

Latest news: We are working with 10 other local AAPI businesses to get you special gift cards. More details coming soon!


Red Envelope Event (02/03 - 02/18)

The red envelope is a cherished tradition during Lunar New Year, distinct from the gift-giving of holidays like Christmas. Last year, 688 red envelopes. THIS YEAR, we're going NEXT LEVEL! 🎁 For 3 weeks, dive into luck at 2D Restaurant. More prizes, better values.

From 02/03 - 02/18, At 2d restaurant, for every $25 spent, you receive a red envelope, offering a chance to instantly win 2d merch and receive a special coupon for future visits! 🧧


Lunar New Year Celebration Workshop (02/08 or 02/09)


🌙✨ Join us for a spectacular Lunar New Year Celebration at our 2D restaurant, featuring a Calligraphy Masterclass, Lunar New Year scroll crafting, and a Dumpling Making and Cooking Class.


Secure your Golden Circle pass for an opulent evening welcoming the Year of the Dragon in the lap of luxury! Limited seats available, so reserve now for a night of joy, creativity, and deliciousness. 🎉🧧


Lunar New Year Lucky Six Mochi Donuts 

We spent weeks on preparing the Lucky Six Mochi Donuts because Lunar New Year means a lot to our family. We are proud to present a 2024 Lunar New Year Collection

🐉 Jade Dragon Donut: A symbol of strength and power, this matcha-infused mochi donut is adorned with hand made lucky dragon cookie, creating a majestic treat fit for the occasion. 🐲

🍍 Pineapple Cream Donut: Bursting with tropical sweetness, this donut is topped with luscious pineapple cream, embodying the essence of prosperity and good luck. 🍍

🍅 Persimmon Donut: Embrace the sweet and fragrant flavors of the season with our fresh persimmon glaze mochi donut, symbolizing joy and happiness.

🌟 God of Wealth Donut: Indulge in a Passion Fruit Guava topped donut that represents the God of Wealth, bringing fortune and prosperity to all who enjoy it. 💰

🐉 Year of Mushu Donut: Commemorate the Year of Mushu with a Passion Fruit Guava topped donut, paying homage to the playful dragon that brings joy and laughter. 🎊

🌌 Rock Fortune Donuts: This donut is made for all the dreamers.
The road to success is often rocky but if we keep at it, we will eventually reach the fortune that we dream for.🌠

Red Enveloe

Pro Tip for your visit:


2d Restaurant - LAKEVIEW:

To avoid lengthy wait times, we highly recommend making reservations on event days and weekends, as 2d-Lakeview is a seated dining establishment with limited seating capacity.


2d Restaurant - UPTOWN operates on a walk-in basis inside a food hall.

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