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2022 2d restaurant holiday Shop

Providing Everything You Need

Couple set - hoz format (1).jpg

Celebrate this holiday in monochrome style.

Get your very own black & white 2d t-shirt and mug set in 2d fashion. Black and white is in style now

2d Hot Chocolate Gift Set for your loved ones, includes one single-serve packet of hot cocoa mix, one 2d mug, and a die cut 2d sticker

mug super set without the card.png

Special 2d restaurant & British International School - Lincoln Park collaboration for Holiday 2022

The Gift set includes one BISC-LP student designed holiday mug, One BISC-LP student designed holiday tote, and one box of 2d holiday mochi donuts includes

The profit of the set will be donated to Lurie's Children Hospital in Chicago

half dozen wiht ginger bread hosue.jpg

The 2d Holiday Mochi Donuts are here! 

Bring home Santa, Snowman, Reindeer, Grinch, Xmas tree and Strawberry Peach with you!


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