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2d restaurant Uptown
First Ever Vegan Mochi Donut & Boba Tea Shop

Our philosophy centers around giving everyone the opportunity to make choices that positively impact their health or the planet. In pursuit of this belief, we've established the first-ever vegan mochi donut and boba tea shop, providing a delectable and ethical option for those who seek a plant-based lifestyle.


Vegan Boba Tea & Vietnamese Coffee

Sip on something special at 2d restaurant Uptown!

Try our vegan boba tea and dive into the unique taste of our vegan Vietnamese coffee. It's a flavor adventure waiting for you!


Vegan Mochi Donut

Get ready to satisfy your sweet cravings at 2d restaurant Uptown!
Dive into our vegan mochi donuts – they're soft, chewy, and totally plant-based. Treat yourself to a tasty, guilt-free delight that's made just for you.


Hand Draw 2-dimensional multiverse 

Experience the charm of 2d restaurant Uptown, a fully hand-drawn eatery that transports you to a 2d multiverse. Enjoy the magic of dining in a uniquely illustrated space, where each bite is a flavorful adventure in our artful universe. Welcome to a place where creativity and taste collide!

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